Laptop with Ensemble Designer software on the screen

Apollo Ensemble is Windows software that links together inputs from switches and movement sensors to outputs including sound, lighting and image.

It can be used to create accessible musical instruments, interactive spaces and sensory environments to suit a wide range of individual abilities.

You can choose from a wide range of different input devices, including MIDI controllers, assistive switch interfaces, games controllers and our own range of wireless sensors. These can be linked to sound, image and lighting, through industry standard technologies such as MIDI and DMX.

The simple drag and drop Designer software helps you create new themes in seconds, whilst Launchpad is a stand-alone application for playing themes. Changing a setup is as simple as clicking on a new theme.

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Customer stories

The best way to show you what Ensemble can do is to share some of the ways our users have put it to use. From enabling young musicians to play for the first time, to creating interactive light and sound spaces, there are a whole range of ways you can use Ensemble.

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Different ways of controlling Ensemble



For a range of abilities you need a range of different controllers. We believe that a single input device won’t work for everyone so, as well as making our own controllers, we’ve designed Ensemble to work with other assistive and mainstream technologies.

Ensemble Sensors
Our own wireless sensors and switch interfaces.

Any MIDI instrument; software or hardware.

Tablets and smartphones via OSC.

Games Controllers
Xbox games controllers to USB switch interfaces.

Keyboard & Mouse
Keyboards, mice, trackballs, MakeyMakey and more.


Ensemble is designed to be a musical instrument, so MIDI and sound generation are at its heart.

We also know that multi sensory stimulus can be very important both to players and an audience. That’s why Ensemble can also be used to trigger and control images, video, lighting and special effects. 

Sound & MIDI
Audio clips and MIDI notes, chords and controllers.

Image & Video
Trigger visuals on a screen or projector.

Lighting & Effects
Control industry standard DMX lighting.


Different things Ensemble can control including lighting, image & sound